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Our Seats are assembled using a high density memory foam. The shell is a weather and tear proof material. All of our seats are therapeutically designed with lumbar support and correct posture contours. This allows correct spinal alignment while hunting and full comfort satisfaction. The full line of seats are light weight, foldable, and include a carrying strap for an easy tote. Everyone of our seats have numerous uses and are the most comfortable seats on the market. 



Our Treestands are unmatched for quality, durability, and comfort. Using only USA graded steel we can give the hunter security and piece of mind that these stands are going to last season after season. These stands are ANSI tested to make sure that they can withstand over 500 pound capacities and remain solid as a rock. Top priority is placed on safety, cause we want the hunter to be able to enjoy the hunt in comfort, and piece of mind.  After all, the most successful hunt is one where the hunter returns home safely.

 At Frostie Bottom Treestands, LLC, we provide high quality comfort and longevity products to maximize every hunters experience. Our products are designed for comfort, security, safety and durability including a 3 year factory warranty on the tree stands.  We have mastered the quality aspect of our products. We only use USA made material. We test our products to ANSI standards to bring the hunter a product that will help them to Feel Better, Perform Better.